Annette Rotz
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Luxury Beauty Refresh

The goal of this project was to redesign Amazon’s Luxury Beauty storefront and attract holdout brands such as Burberry and Elizabeth Arden. I redesigned the storefront adding sections for big, beautiful images, curated content, trends, how-to videos, special collections, and celebrity-driven content. Along with the visual style, improving the page’s functionality was top priority. This redesign enabled mobile-responsive pages, an easier content management workflow, and improved SEO.


Old design

New design


Content planning

I proposed a four-month content plan for the Luxury Beauty launch, suggesting trend ideas, editorial content, and defining areas that needed custom photography.


UX/UI Design

Thinking beyond the Luxury Beauty redesign, I worked with developers to create a new content framework that could then be scaled out to all categories on Amazon globally.




Photoshoot Art Direction

I also art directed the photoshoot which set the tone for what Luxury Beauty on Amazon would look like going forward. In addition to this, I oversaw a team of designers making graphics and creating templates for ongoing monthly content flips.


Seattle, WA 2015 / Art Director: Annette Rotz / Photographer: Greg Montijo / Producer: Erika Chapman / Stylist: Amy Paliwoda




Positive lifts in OPS, increased customer engagment, and the hold out brands signed on. The content grid framework was an added bonus which rolled out to other categories on Amazon globally, and is still in use today.