Annette Rotz

Toys Rebrand

I established a brand new look for the Toys category on when I directed their annual Holiday Toy List in 2015. I designed a bold, monochromatic colour scheme for Christmas-specific, STEM, and evergreen images that is still in use today.


A cheery, cherry Christmas


In addition to the holiday photoshoot, I designed a new storefront for the Toys & Games section on Amazon that would carry on throughout the year. I planned extra shots providing an efficient shoot that produced a large set of images that would be flexible for the year ahead, and in other locales. These images were picked up in Europe and some are still in use today.


Images used throughout the year




STEM toys for learning

I also planned a set of images introducing the new STEM learning section on Amazon which sells Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics toys.


Images & branding for STEM learning toys

Seattle 2015  /  Art Director: Annette Rotz  /  Photographer: Greg Montijo  /  Producer: Kelly Baldwin