Old Ballard Storefront Series

King’s Hardware signage by Sven Sundbaum

The hand-lettered and gold-gilded signage on Ballard Avenue’s storefronts are among the most well-crafted and inspiring I’ve seen all lined-up in one row. One after another, each shop and restaurant adds its own charming stamp to the street. 

I had such a fun time exploring the historic street, walking around snapping photos, and popping in-and-out of shops. I picked up two vintage 1940’s dresses from Lucky Dry Goods, and eyed/loved/was inspired by everything at Lucca Great Finds. One example: These sewing kits, and their black-and-white branding from Merchant & Mills. 

While outside shooting the sign of Kings Hardware, I learned from the owner that it and a handful of other signs on the street were done by sign artist Sven Sundbaum. Looks like a fun job.

Rudy’s signage by Sven Sundbaum 

Percy’s & Co, an apothecary style bar where I sampled Chartreuse, a digestif liqueur 

 Curtis Steiner

Curtis Steiner

Dandelion Botanical Company, an herbal apothecary right next to Lucky Dry Goods vintage clothing store. I love the imperfect “1996.”

Sunset Tavern, est. 1972

Hot Cakes, molten chocolate cakery. Be honest. Stay true. Get your hot cakes. I hear they have a vegan chocolate cake. 

The Palm Room

Lucca Great Finds

My favorite of the series is painted backwards

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