Aviator Postcards

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fig. A //  Amelia Earhart (1898–1937), aviator, pacifist, teacher, and adventurer. Earhart’s lifetime coincided with the pioneer years of aviation, its exciting newness exactly suited her. As a nurse’s aide in Canada during World War I, she became interested in aviation. Later in California she worked for the phone company to pay for flying lessons (from pioneer pilot Neta Snook) and for a plane. Earhart was the first woman to fly the Atlantic (1928), but as logkeeper; four years later however, she became the first woman pilot to solo that trip. She twice broke the transcontinental speed record. Earhart was the first to fly nonstop from Mexico City to Newark, N.J., and to solo from Honolulu to the mainland U.S. (1935). On a round-the-world research flight in 1937 she disappeared, presumably having gone down in the Pacific. Earhart wrote and lectured on her experiences as an aviator, but also to encourage economic opportunities and independence for women.

fig. B //  Octave Chanute and 1896 Biplane Glider, Historical Aircraft Res. & Dev. Co.
Octave Chanute, born in France, came to the U.S. as a boy, becoming an engineer, a pioneer with gliders in 1896–1903, and adviser to the Wright brothers.

fig. C // Marian Banks, AWTAR Chairman, Barbara Evans, Vice-chairman
Fran Bera was winning co-pilot, 1951, and won as pilot in 1953, ’55, ’56, ’58, ’61 and ’62. In plane shown she set a world a world altitude record in clas C-I-D. In 1971 she flew in the London, England air race to Victoria, B.C.

fig. D //  Wiley Post and Harold Gatty, Round the World Flyers
Wiley Post, pilot, and Harold Gatty, navigator, set a world record flying around the world in 8 days, 15 hrs., 51 min. in June 1931. In 1922 Wiley Post flew the same plane, “Winnie Mae” solo around the world in 7 days, 18 hrs., and 49½ min. breaking his record, flying 15, 596 miles, and becoming the first person to fly around the world alone.

Postcards purchased from the Seattle Antiques Market, text quoted from their back sides.