September, 2016


I flew into Haneda airport early on a Saturday morning. Mel met me there and led the way back to her aunt and uncle’s house, where she was staying that summer after some time volunteering on an organic farm. I stayed with her in Tokyo a few days, and then ventured out on my own to Kyoto and Osaka.








Onsen in the mountains


One of my best memories was going to onsen in the mountains of Hakone. Mel and I went to Hakone Yuryo which is set privately against a forest. While switching between saunas and hot, warm, and ice-cold baths, you’re also practically walking around naked in the forest, breathing in fresh air and crying tears of joy.


Haya River

IMG_8735 2-2.jpg



Autumn Equinox


I used the JR Pass to travel to Kyoto, where I stayed a few nights in a shared airbnb. My hosts were very social with the guests, throwing takoyaki-making parties each night, and sharing Japanese snacks and drinks. I was quite jet lagged at this stage and remember heading out at 5am one day and walking all around Kyoto, visiting temples, the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and walking for miles in a monsoon.


Green tea ice cream


Caught in a monsoon


Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


Hirosawa Pond




I stayed in Osaka just one night, visiting the touristy Dotonbori area, eating street food, and wandering through neon-lit arcades (obviously imagining that I was in Lost in Translation the whole time).


I went during a really hot, humid time of year, but the food alone is worth it. Before leaving, we made sure to pick up ingredients to throw our own okonomiyaki party back in London.

photographyAnnette Rotz