Content Grid
Initially a redesign project kicked off in 2014 for Luxury Beauty on Amazon, the main goal was to elevate the design of their landing page and add more areas for editorial content. I recognised the opportunity to build a flexible, responsive framework suitable for all categories on Amazon, and worked closely with a group of UX designers and developers to invent Content Grid. It's since replaced all other editorial widgets, and has been used for curated pages on Amazon globally now for over three years. 

I designed a variety of row modules that can be stacked on top of each other to create a flexible and customizable grid framework. I delivered redlines and specs to the UX team, and fed-back on functionality and styling throughout the build.

I created templates and wikis for the new widget and distributed them to our design production teams. I also presented the new widget to leadership across the company (including in the US and UK). 


  • Accessibility and SEO improvements
  • Responsive layouts, one campaign to schedule instead of two (previously desktop and mobile were separate)  
  • The number of graphics site merchandisers request has been reduced by half 
  • Publishing content is now much easier with a visual widget builder instead of manual xml coding
  • The UX team consolidated ~15 of their old widgets into this new content builder

Showing final-stage mockups (storefront and one subpage) used to build out widget.

Thinking through row options, theme ideas, and how this framework could work for different types of layouts. This helped create a feature list for development and scoping. 

Control vs Redesign
The new design won the month-long A-B test, and was pushed live in 2015. 

Old design

Redesign at launch